Jeroen Maaijen – TUI Benelux – PPC Case: The secrets of successfully in-housing SEA

Jeroen Maaijen – Manager SEA at TUI Benelux

jeroen maaijenJeroen started his career in online marketing back in 2011 and he has been working in the Travel industry ever since. He really loves the combination of high volume e-commerce combined with the great product that holidays are. In the past he has worked for Landal GreenParks and HotelSpecials, but for the past 8 years he has been working for TUI, world’s largest tourism business. Jeroen has had various roles within TUI, but has been leading TUI’s in-house SEA team for the Benelux region for the last 3 years. Automation, collaboration and innovation are the foundations of their success and he will share his thoughts about this.