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Bastian Grimm – CEO & Co Founder | Peak Ace AG

bastian grimmBastian Grimm is the CEO & Co-Founder of Peak Ace and a renowned expert in large-scale, international SEO – managing sites of almost any size in highly competitive industries. Always eager to expand his knowledge, with more than 15 years’ experience in online marketing, technical and global SEO, Bastian currently oversees Peak Ace’s search engine optimisation as well as content marketing initiatives.

Having been awarded the prestigious “Search Personality of the Year” at the 2019 European Search Awards, striving for efficiency is clearly one of Bastian Grimm’s key guiding principles. It has shaped his entire career. His belief that understanding a target market means not only getting to grips with the language, but also the culture, has held him in good stead. Bastian leads a thriving team of expert native speakers, able to serve clients in 20+ languages, and the results speak for themselves.