About Friends of Search

The first edition of Friends of Search Belgium will be hosted in Brussel on the 5th of February. This year sees the unmissable congress for (online) marketeers and SEO/SEA specialists in the Benelux region and has more international speakers than ever.

International Search- experts at Friends of Search

As an online marketeer you want to stay up to date on the most important international developments and want to be aware about how other companies use their search-engine marketing and search-engine optimisation. With Friends of Search you don’t have to go abroad anymore. We fly all our search-experts in to Brussel so they can share their knowledge with you! We find them in countries which develop faster in the ‘search-industry’, such as England, Germany and the United States.

Friends of Search is hosted by industry associations DDMA. IAB Netherlands and BAM.

About DDMA




DDMA is the industry association for Marketing and data. Their 330 members bring and pick up knowledge about how to communicate with their target groups in a relevant way. With their members they organise networking and knowledge meetings. DDMA is also an interlocutor of stakeholders in the Hague and Brussels about the developments of a sustainable data-economy. Data-use brings responsibilities. That’s why their members need to act within the frame of law and codes of conduct. DDMA supports them by offering free legal advice in the area of data-security and privacy rules. To verify if organisations handle the personal data carefully when sending ads they also created the privacy seal ‘Privacy Waarborg’.

About IAB Nederland


The IAB is the industry association of digital advertising and marketing innovation. IAB accelerates digital growth and delivers a structural contribution to the qualitative development in the industry. With the help of sponsorship contributions the members of the association create content for this strategy by organising events, doing research and publishing whitepapers. The whole media chain is represented within the IAB. Advertisers, publishers, media-agencies, technology parties and creatives network and exchange knowledge & experience in the IAB meetings.

About BAM


BAM, short fort he Belgian Association of Marketing, is the biggest corporation for marketing in Belgium. Bam is an open community and active looking for partnerships. The BAM-network is there for professionals who are looking for inspiration, knowledge and cross-pollination. BAM has a mission to create values and build sustainable relationships. The association wants to pass on the belief in meaningful marketing to everyone who crossed their path. Only in this way is BAM able to give meaning to marketing. In this way BAM helps professionals to place marketing at the heart of their organization.

The people behind Friends of Search

Eduard Blacquière (Edwords) - program & speakers

Lennert de Rijk (Artefact) - program & speakers

Marnix Bakker (Nochii) - advice, content & awards

Stefan Rooijakkers (SDIM) - advice & awards

Jos van Marrewijk (De Media Balie) - advice & Facebook marketing

Gerk Mulder (Briljante Geesten) - advice, communication, program

Bert van Dijk (Reprise) - communication

Martijn Beumer (Nuon) - communication

Merel de Koning (DDMA) - organisation of events & sponsorships

Judit Peters (DDMA) - communication & content

Laurens Heijboer (DDMA) - sponsorships

Suzanne Ketelaar (IAB Nederland) - communication & content